Naturally Occuring Retirement Community- DAVENPORT ESTATES AND JOHN S. MOORE APARTMENTS

The Naturally Occuring Retirement Community (NORC) provides on-site coordination of services for seniors, and others with disabilities, whom are living in one of the 2 developments owned and operated by MHA. Our primary goal is to help you maintain your independence while assuring the highest quality of life possible. Our trained service coordinators serve as liaisons between residents, housing complex management, and community services so that individuals can live safely, independently, and with dignity. The role of service coordinator is provided to you through a New York State Naturally Occurring Retirement Community Grant, administered jointly by Mechanicville Housing Authority Management and Eddy Home Care Resident Service Advisor Program. It is our objective to meet with every resident and assess how we might work together to enhance your living experience with Mechanicville Housing Authority: maintaining confidentiality, maximizing resources, and tailoring plans to your individual needs.

What Can Your Service Coordinator Do For You?

  • Assess and link you with any appropriate community or government services or entitlement programs, which may include any of the following:
    • Social Security, Medicaid, EPIC, Bell Atlantic Lifeline, Food Stamps, or HEAP
    • Local food pantries or nutrition programs, Meal-On-Wheels, or grocery delivery
    • Finding transportation for doctors' appointments, grocery shopping, or for group social outings.
    • Locating Adult Day Services or arranging home care for personal and/or health needs.
    • Senior Centers, Library, or other community activities.

  • Act as a liaison with existing community service programs, organizations, or local utility companies.

  • Help you understand or complete applications or insurance claims:
    • Explanation of Medicare benefits: QMB or SMIMB
    • Explanation of Medicaid system, spend-down, long-term home health care program, personal care program.
    • Assistance in completion of secondary insurance claims and prescription reimbursement.
    • Re-certification for food stamps and other programs.

  • Educate and assist you and your families with personal issues:
    • Family issues
    • Loss of Transition from private home to community living

  • Explain how you can obtain and pay for assistive devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, or other durable medical equipment.

  • Review medication costs and prescription plans

  • Obtain and install an emergency response system such as Lifeline.

  • Locate professionals who work specifically with senior adult issues, such as attorneys, physicians, podiatrists, and lab services.

  • Find volunteer and paid employment opportunities.

  • Arrange wellness programs and support groups for residents.

  • Maintain a file of community resources for residents and Mechanicville Housing Authority Management.

  • Ease your transition to home after a hospitalization.

  • If needed, assist with alternate living arrangements.

If we can be of assistance to you in your search for services, please do not hesitate to call or email Beverly Custer(
at 664-9897 extension 19,
Monday, Thursday, and Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm.