The safety and well-being of the residents and staff of the Mechanicville Housing Authority (Authority) are of the utmost importance. This philosophy is backed by a strong and committed consensus among residents, police, city government, local businesses, citizens, HUD, and the Management. Quick and decisive action is taken at all times to provide for the safety, protection, and well-being of residents.

The Authority has implemented a Safety and Crime Prevention Plan which incorporates safety measures on a development-by-development basis to ensure the safety of the residents residing at John S. Moore Homes and Davenport Estates. The Authority's Safety and Crime Prevention Plan has been established in consultation with the Mechanicville Police Department. The Police Department is an active participant in implementing the various elements of the plan. The Authority's developments are provided the same level of public security and protection as the surrounding neighborhoods and the community at large. Other components of the Authority's Safety and Crime Prevention Plan include:

  • Maintaining a system for cooperating with the Mechanicville Police Department in tracking crime and crime-related problems.
  • Since 1994, the Authority has provided an office and related facilities/equipment for the city Police to utilize as a neutral juvenile questioning area at Davenport Estates.

Note: According to HUD, statistical evidence provided by local crime records did not verify high enough drug-related crime in this community. Subsequently, the Authority does not meet HUD's eligibility requirements to apply for Public Housing Drug Elimination Funds (PHDEP). Although the Authority does not meet HUD's eligibility requirements to apply for PHDEP Funding, the Mechanicville Housing Authority maintains strict adherence to all management policies and strategies designed for ensuring the continued safety and security of residents residing at its two sites. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Strict Lease Enforcement and Screening Practices. Residents are responsible for any damage they commit to the apartments and grounds beyond normal wear and tear. Mandatory criminal background checks are performed to screen out and deny admission to specific applicants who have a history of criminal activity, drug and alcohol abuse...... Note: [see Admissions for more information on eligibility requirements, grounds for denial, and termination of lease proceedings]

  • The Adoption of the President's and Congress's "One Strike and You're Out" Policy. Residents who engage in drug and other criminal activity face certain and swift termination of lease proceedings and are permanently barred from visiting the sites. This includes holding residents accountable for the action(s) of their guest(s).

  • Emergency Preparedness Action Plan designed to ensure that the highest level of safety is provided for all. Fire safety planning and prevention awareness, vacant unit policy, occupied unit conservation techniques, accident/incident investigation policy are just some of the tools utilized by Management and staff to ensure a safe, healthy living environment to the greatest extent possible.