The Mechanicville Housing Authority is located in the city of Mechanicville, a small upstate New York community in Southern Saratoga County. The Community values its history, its location on the Hudson River, and its family-oriented, small town lifestyle that it offers to its citizens.

The Authority was established in 1951 pursuant to the laws of the State of New York to provide low-rent housing for qualified individuals in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Authority receives funding from Federal government sources and must comply with applicable requirements of those funding sources. The management of the Authority is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective internal control over compliance with requirements of law, regulations, contracts and grants applicable to federal programs.

The Authority owns and operates two developments totaling 160 units.


Section Eight rental assistance is also available to Mechanicville households. As of early 2001, 92 units in the city are assisted through the Section Eight Program, primarily in the form of vouchers which limit a family's rent based on a percentage of their income in accordance with government regulations.

The Public Housing Developments in the City are fully occupied. However, waiting lists are very small for all programs. The Authority's Board of Commissioners does not support additional public or subsidized housing in the city.

Families who meet income and eligibility requirements are selected in accordance with the Mechanicville Housing Authority's Admissions & Continued Occupancy Policy and Housing Act of 1939. There is no discrimination against people of any race, sex, color, or religion and rent is partially subsidized by the federal government.

The MHA Office and staff operates under the guidance of the Executive Director. MHA properties are handicapped accessible, including a TDD machine, hearing-impaired smoke detectors and many other accommodations. The office is open for business 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

A Record of Excellence

The Mechanicville Housing Authority has consistently been rated a "High Performing" Housing Authority by HUD since 1991. In 1999 HUD developed a new comprehensive testing system, Public Housing Assessment Subsystem (PHAS), to more accurately measure the overall performance of the management operations. This included site visits by independent third party inspection firms who inspected the physical condition of our properties. The Authority is ranked in the top three percentile in the nation for overall operations which include: physical conditions of properties, mangement operations, financial status ratings, and resident satisfaction. Our promise to you is that we will continue working to meet the highest performance standards in order to ensure a living environment that is as safe and comfortable as it is affordable.



Full-time Maintenance Staff

As part of our ongoing commitment to manage our Developments in an efficient and effective manner, we work to ensure the delivery of timely and high-quality maintenance service to residents of the Mechanicville Housing Authority.

We are constantly working to improve the appearance of our two developments so that our residents and the city residents can be proud.

MHA staff, under the leadership of the Executive Director, have all undergone OSHA training to ensure that safety standards are upheld for the benefit of its employees and residents.


General Repairs

Our maintenance crew takes care of all general repairs. Routine service calls usually take between 1 to 5 days to complete. Of course, emergencies are given top priority and include such problems as sewer back up, heating problems, non-working toilets, and flooding.

For general repairs call 518-664-9897.

For emergency calls outside of regular business hours, (518) 664-9898

Tenant Maintenance Agreement

The resident agrees to obey any House Rules, which are reasonably related to the safety, care, and cleanliness of the building and the safety, comfort and convenience of the residents. Such rules may be modified by the MHA from time to time provided that the resident receives written notice of the proposed change.

Restriction on Alterations:

All tenants agree not to alter locks or fixtures without permission from the Authority office. No damage charges are made for normal wear and tear, but tenants will be charged for damages or neglect to homes and/or public areas. Damages are determined by the list of charges posted at the Administration Office and are tacked on to the next month�s rent.